Vision systems

Company specialized in industrial vision systems


Vision systems for quality control, monitoring and tracking of components in assembling machines

Industrial vision systems are optical sensors of various kinds, mainly cameras, designed to: detect defects in product, locate components within assembly lines, track or count components, verify alignments and assemblies, etc…

Tools of this kind are essential in order to increase a plant productivity, reduce errors and out-of-specification products significantly, and maximize industrial efficiency.

Sinertec srlu offers customized and high-performance technological solutions in the field of vision systems.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to work with versatile and dynamic multibrand solutions using products from the best brands in the sector:

Omron, Cognex, Ifm and Keyence.

Customized solutions: custom products

As a consequence of technological industry progress and increasing of business demands within the production processes, more and more companies need different products than those present on the market.

Sinertec srlu works with several Italian companies, which are leaders in the production of custom systems.

Thanks to our services, you will be able to combine the meticulous perfectionism of Italian production, with the extreme versatility of custom products.