Company specialized in industrial wiring

on machine

Sinertec srlu is a highly experienced and qualified company in the manufacture of electrical wiring and certified custom connections for any type of industry.

Thanks to our many years of experience we are flexible and versatile, but also self-sufficient, we guarantee a reliable service in conformity with current regulations.

Our industrial wiring harness creation service includes several stages of development:

  • Customer needs analysis

  • Project realization on customer’s drawing

  • Project study

  • Electrical panel installation

  • Wiring realization

We carry out wiring on machine directly at the customer’s workshops or construction sites.

In our cabling we use different methods which are safe and CE certified. They are very precise to the smallest details. Depending on the application, we protect the cables with weatherproof, shockproof and crushproof sheathing, or by means of conduits or rigid piping: this allows us to carry out a clean job. Covering and sheathing all cables we protect the plant, and above all, the operators working around the machine.

Assistance and maintenance

Sinertec srlu provides assistance and maintenance for any industrial wiring.

Our technicians, after a precise study of your current plant, will be ready to work in total autonomy and to reduce and solve any malfunction.

We also provide repair or replacement works, scheduled periodic maintenance and general assistance.