Industrial Switchboards

Company specialized in industrial electrical switchboards

Industrial switchboards are one of the main components of the entire electrical system ofthe machinery.

They are essential for the correct running of any industrial process: control, manoeuvre, measurement, protection signalling, etc…

Sinertec srlu manufactures high quality, fully customizable and durable industrial cabinets and switchboards.

Thanks to experience gained in over 20 years of activity, knowledge and passion for our work, we are able to offer you a service that is always efficient, innovative and in total conformity with rules and regulations in use.

Our industrial switchboards are made with care. We carefully select and fix components in order to create the customized solution, ideal for the needs of any of our customers.

In order to always reach a high quality level, our industrial switchboards are designed and manufactured according to specific criteria that allow us to protect the connected units.


Whether small or large, in our switchboards we always use well-known, high-quality products that have been tested over the years. In this way we avoid recurring electrical failures and ensure maximum reliability, quality and durability over the years.

Electrical Diagrams

All our diagrams are delivered with a wiring diagram in both hard copy and digital format. The diagram must be easy to understand; indeed, it is essential for the first connection, and it is useful in case of faults, reducing the detection and repair time.  Moreover, all the nomenclature of cables, wires, devices (photocells, motors, sensors, etc. ..) are reported on it, so you can have everything at hand.

We use the certified professional software SPAC Automation for the realization of our electrical diagrams.

CSA / UL Certification

CSA and UL are international product certifications that certify machines are compliant for use in the U.S. and Canada.

Sinertec srlu can offer CSA and UL certified industrial products. These certifications are essential for the use of industrial plants in the above mentioned countries; in full and total conformity with the standards internationally required.