Anthropomorphic Robots

Company specialized in industrial Anthropomorphic robots

Anthropomorphic robots are an extremely efficient industrial robotic solution that allows, through the use of special automated “arms”, to significantly increase the efficiency of any production line. Industrial robots are able to reproduce the main

characteristics of human movement, thus they can replace it during different tasks within the assembly lines. A robotic solution, within your company, will reduce errors and problems, will greatly speed up work and increase the productivity of the plant itself.

Sinertec srlu installs and programs customized anthropomorphic robots for any specific need of use, starting from cobots, the co-operative robots.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are flexible and comfortable working with any brand for any application. What sets us apart are the high standards of efficiency, which are well recognizable in all of our industrial applications.

Anthropomorphic robots can handle palletizing, boxing, component assembly, and component inspection for quality control.

We install and program anthropomorphic robots of any brand and, in particular, we operate using the hardware of the following world leading companies:

Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki e Kuka.